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Categorical or Comparative Data Analysis using Excel VBA

Categorical or Comparative Data Analysis is helpful to study the categorical data to understand and compare the metrics between different categories. For example, we can study effect of particular drug in various countries in health care projects. If we consider retail data, we may study POS (Point of Sales) Data, how is the sales in various regions of the country, or how many units are selling from each store or from each department of the supermarket.

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Trend Analysis or Longitudinal Data Analysis using Excel VBA

Trend or Longitudinal Data Analysis is helpful to study historical data to understand change in data over particular time frame. Learn more with Examples.
In this topic, you can download example macro tool for Trend Analysis, with explanation of the below topics:

  • Understanding requirement
  • Understanding the Data
  • Design and Planning
  • Cleaning the Data
  • Identifying the variables and creating new variables
  • Plotting the Charts and Tables to understand the Data
  • Providing Interactivity using VBA
  • Providing Help or Guidelines to users
  • Understanding Summarized Data
  • Writing Overall Summary and Insights

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Chart Styles Layouts and Templates in Excel

Creating Charts in Excel is very easy, we change the look and feel by working with Chart Styles Layouts and Templates in Excel. Chart Styles, Layouts and Templates in Excel help us to change the look and feel of the charts to create rich visualized charts in excel for your data. Working with Styles in

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Create Charts in Excel

Well! we have seen some basics of charts in the previous topic. Now, we will see how to create charts in Excel. In this session I will take your through the step by step to create basic charts in Excel. Then we will see the advanced charts options to customize charts in Excel. Getting Started

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Excel Chart Elements and Chart wizard

Many of our readers asking me to post tutorials to understand Excel Chart Elements and Chart wizard. This is the topic for those who wants to understand and getting started with excel charts. In this topic, We will see what are the different objects or elements related to charts, and how to access chart elements

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Introduction to Collections in Excel VBA

Collection is an object contains group of objects having similar characteristics (with same properties and methods). For example,if you want to loop through all worksheets in a workbook, you can refer worksheets collection of the workbook and do whatever you want to do with that particular worksheet.

In this topic:
  • Introduction to Collections?
  • Collections in Excel VBA
  • Examples Macro File On Collections

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ListBox in Excel VBA – Adding, Clearing, Multiple Selection Examples

ListBox VBA Excel Example Macros Codes for Adding new Items,Moving all Items, selected Items from ListBox to another ListBox,clearing,Multi selection. VBA ListBox in Excel is one of finest control in the Excel. You can show the list of items in the listbox and user can select any item and do different operations. In this tutorial,

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ADO in Excel VBA – Connecting to database using SQL

ADO Stands for ActiveX Data Objects, is Microsoft’s Client-Server technology to access the data between Client and Server. ADO can’t access the data source directly, it will take help of OLE DB Provider to communicate with the data source. Most of the times OLE DB providers are specific to a particular Data Source Type. However, we have an OLE DB provider for ODBC, it is a general purpose provider with help of this ADO can access any Data source which can understand ODBC.

In this topic:
  • What is ADO?
  • What is Database?
  • What is SQL?
  • Practical Learning: Using ADO and SQL with VBA
  • Example File

Events in Excel VBA

Event programming is the most useful tool which helps to monitor specific user actions within Excel. For example, if the user Opening a Workbook, Selects a Worksheet, enters data into a Cell, or saves a Workbook, these actions are all Excel Events.

In this topic:
  • What Are Events?
  • What Are The Different Types of Events?
  • Practical Learning: Workbook_Open Event
  • Example File: Workbook Events, Worksheet Events and Form Events

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