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TIME Function in Excel

What is the use of TIME function? Returns the number that represents the particular time What is the syntax of TIME function? TIME(hour, minute, second) Where hour: It is a number from 0 to 23 representing the hour minute: It is a number from 0 t0 59 representing the minute second: It is a number

Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

In this section I will introduce the basic features of Microsoft Excel, one of the tools in the MS Office Package. It is a spreadsheet application used to enter the data (text, numbers, etc...) to perform calculations, analysis and store it in a file. There are many built-in functions and formulas allow you to perform calculations and you can create attractive, readable presentations and rich visualized dashboards including tables, charts,etc...

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Creating Dashboards in Excel – Dashboard Creation Using Sales Data

This is a simple dashboard, I have used a dummy store data for illustration purpose. Read more and learn to build a simple sales performance dashboard. Example dashboard is attched in the post, you can download and have a look into the file. In this dasboard:

Home Tab:
You can see how to prepare a main or home page for your dasboard
Sales By Region Tab:
Understand the sales by Region
Sales By Store Level Tab:
Understand the sales by Store
Executive dashboard to understand the overall data at one glance

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