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Data Analysis – An Introduction

Data Analysis is important to every organization to survive in this competitive world. In recent years every one wants make use of data available to understand their business to take effective decisions. I spent around 10 years in analyzing the data. And played different roles to help my clients to take effective decisions. In this topic I am going to discuss the basics of data analysis to give an overall idea about Data Analysis.

In this topic:
  • What is Data Analysis?
  • Why do we need Data Analysis?
  • Approach to do Data Analysis
  • Different kinds of Data Analysis - By Request
  • Different kinds of Data Analysis - By Domain
  • Useful Links for Data Analysis

Interacting with Other Applications using VBA

We can interact with the other applications using VBA - with the MS Office Applications like Word, PowerPoint,Outlook,etc... and other applications like Internet Explorer, SAS,etc.

In this Section:
  • Introduction?
  • How to interact with MS Word? - Late Binding
  • How to interact with MS Word? - Early Binding
  • How to interact with PowerPoint? - Early Binding
  • How to interact with Outlook? - Late Binding
  • Example File

VBA Security in Excel

It is important to understand the macro security if you are dealing with the Macro Enabled Files. It helps to protect your data from the malicious programs and helps to know how to run the macros when its required.

In this Section:
  • Understanding VBA Security
  • What are the different Levels of the Security in VBA?
  • How to Enable or Disable the Macros?
  • How To Protect VBA Code?

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