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[wpdm_file id=60]

I have a drop down menu in cell D5, with three options, A, B, and C.

If A is to be selected, cell content in D6 should become zero/clear-out [i.e., available for manual input by user], and cells D7, D8 and D9 should be locked while having formulas assigned to them as follows: for D7, =D6*G9, for D8 = D6*G10, for D9 = D6*G11

Similarly, if B is to be selected, cell content in D7 should become zero or clear-out, and cells D6, D8 and D9 should be locked while having the following formulas assigned to them for D6 = D7*G8, for D8 = D6*G10, for D9 = D6*G11

And lastly, if C is to be selected, cell content in D8 and D9 to be zeroed out and available for user input, while cells D6 and D7 are locked out and have following formula assigned to them: D6=(D8+D9)*I9, D7= D6*G9

I am completely novice on VBA in Excel and clueless as to how to solve this issue.

I got a code by googling which helps me to lock out cells, but I have no idea how to blank out cells and assign formulas.

The issue is, if I just type in the formula, lets say in D6, and user selects option A in dropdown, he will have option to overwrite value in D6 and later on if option B or C is chosen, D6 will remain static instead of moving in line with the values input in D7-D9 when options B/C are chosen.

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