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What is the use of CELL function?

CELL Function in Excel returns information about the contents, formatting or location of a given cell



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What is the syntax of CELL function?

CELL Function in Excel- Syntax

CELL( info_type, reference )

info_type: Information to be returned
reference: Cell to be checked for information

CELL Function in Excel – Examples

CELL Function in Excel- Example 1

Example 1: returns address of the cell
Example 2: returns column number of the cell
Example 3: returns row number of the cell
Example 4: returns column width of the cell
Example 5: returns format of the cell
Example 6: returns format of the cell

info types of CELL function?

“address” returns the cell reference
“col” returns column number of the cell
“row” returns row number of the cell
“width” returns column width of the cell
“color” returns 1 if the cell is formatted in color for negative values, otherwise returns 0
“contents returns the value of the cell
“filename” returns the full path and filename of the workbook and worksheet of the cell, returns “” (blank) if the workbook has not yet been saved
“parentheses” returns 1 if the cell is formatted with parentheses for positive or all values; returns 0 otherwise
“prefix” returns a text value corresponding to the ‘label prefix’ of the cell
“protect” returns 1 if the cell is locked, otherwise returns 0
“format” returns a text value representing the formatting style of the cell

Frequently Used Excel Formats




General Format or # ?/? or # ??/??

indicates cell is formatted in color for negative values

indicates cell is formatted with parentheses for positive or all values

“F0” 0 “D1” d-mmm-yy or dd-mmm-yy
“,0” #,##0 “D2” d-mmm or dd-mmm
“F2” 0 “D3” mmm-yy
“,2” #,##0.00 “D4” m/d/yy or mm/dd/yy or m/d/yy h:mm
“C0” Currency Format (no decimal places) “D5” mm/dd
“C2” Currency Format (2 decimal places) “D6” h:mm:ss AM/PM
“P0” 0% “D7” h:mm AM/PM
“P2” 0.00% “D8” h:mm:ss
“S2” 0.00E+00 “D9” h:mm


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