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What is the use of CONCATENATE function?

CONCATENATE Function in Excel is used to combine text from two or more cells into one cell.



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What is the syntax of CONCATENATE function?

CONCATENATE Function in Excel-Syntax
Concatenate(text1, text2

[,text3] [,…] [,text255])

Where text1, text2, can be strings, numbers, cell references, Blank spaces and special characters. We can join multiple cell references to into one string.

Note:1. Up to 255 text entries (arguments) can be added to the “CONCATENATE” function. Each entry must be separated by a comma.
2. If you concatenate a cell that contains numeric value, the result is converted to text.
3. We can do concatenate different strings with using “Ampersand” symbol (&) also

CONCATENATE Function in Excel – Examples

=”Analysis”&”tabs” –
=”Analysis”&” “ &”tabs” –
A1-John, B1 – Rock
=A1& B1 – JohnRock
=A1&” “& B1 – John Rock
=A1&”, “& B1 – John,Rock

CONCATENATE Function in Excel- Example 1


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