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What is the use of SUMIF function?

SUMIF Function in Excel adds all numbers in a range based on a given criteria



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What is the syntax of SUMIF function?

SUMIF Function in Excel - Syntax

SUMIF( range, criteria,

[sum_range] )

range: range of cells that you want to check the criteria
criteria: condtion which you want to applay
[sum_range]: range of cells to sum based on criteria, if it is missing it will consider the first rang as sum_range

SUMIF Function in Excel – Examples

SUMIF Function in Excel- Example 1

Example 1: adding the salaries more than 2500
Example 2: adding all Salaries of HR Department
Example 3: adding all Salaries of Year 2012
Example 4: adding all Salaries of Year 2012
Example 5: adding all Salaries of Admin Department


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