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Excel Lookup & Reference Functions:

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  • OFFSET: OFFSET is a Logical Function. OFFSET formula is very useful to travel in the Worksheet and fetch a specific range from particular Cell or Range. 
  • COLUMN: COLUMN is a Logical Function. COLUMN Function in Excel returns the column number of the given reference
  • ROW: ROW is a Logical Function. ROW Function in Excel returns the row number of the given reference.
  • CHOOSE: CHOOSE is a Logical Function. Choose function helps us to select a particular value from list of values. Or selecting particular cell or range from a range.
  • INDEX: INDEX is a Logical Function. INDEX Function in Excel returns either the value or the reference to a value from a table or range.
  • MATCH: MATCH is a Logical Function. MATCH function is just opposite to Index Function. Index returns a match value for a given index from the range.
  • HLOOKUP: HLOOKUP is a Logical Function. HLOOKUP is helpful to get the values from the lookup range, it search from top to bottom in Horizontal approach.
  • VLOOKUP: VLOOKUP is a Logical Function. VLOOKUP looks for the lookup_value in vertically in a given array and results the respective value from the specified column.
  • LOOKUP: LOOKUP is a Logical Function. LookUp function is helpful if you want to look up a value in either in one-row or one-column data range or any array.

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