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Accepting Values and Popup Messages in Excel VBA – In this example we will see how to Accepting Values from user using InputBox and Show Popup Messages to user using MsgBox.



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We can show some Popup message to the user while executing the Macro using Message Box. Also, we can provide inputs to the macro when it is executing, it accept the values using Input Box. Generally we assign this value to a variable. In this section we will see how to use Input Box, Message Box and Variables.

Accepting Values and Popup Messages in Excel VBA: Message Box

To display a message to the user you can use the message box, we have already seen some examples on this in the previous topics. Here is the another sample code to display the message, copy this code and place in the module and run it.

Sub sbExampleMessaageBox()
MsgBox "Hello This is a Simple Message Box"
MsgBox "Hello This is a Simple Message Box with Title",, "Your Title Here"
MsgBox "Hello This is a Message Box with Yes and No Options", vbYesNo
MsgBox "Hello This is a Message Box with informationIcon", vbInformation
End Sub

There are different types of message boxes and their uses, we will see those details in the advanced topics.

Accepting Values and Popup Messages in Excel VBA: Input Box

Input Box is helpful to accept the values from the user, user can enter some values and those can be used in the our program.

Here is the simple Input Box Example, we will write a code to receive the user name and display that name in the message box. To display that particular name we have to store some where and then we can use it for displaying in the message box.

Here we have the need of variables, Variables can store some data while execution time and we can use then in our program.

Here, first we will accept the value from the user and we will store it in a variable, then we will display the value of that variable using Message Box, copy this code and place in the module and run it.

Sub sbExampleInputBox()
'Declaring a variable to store the inputbox value
'Dim statement creates a String variable called uName
Dim uName As String
'Accepting the value from the user and (right side statement)
'assigning that value into the variable uName ('=' is an assignment operator)
uName = InputBox("Please Enter Your Name")
'Displaying the value storeed in the variable using Message Box
MsgBox uName
End Sub

We will see the more options of the Input Box and more about Variables in the Advanced Topics.

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    Accepting Values and Popup Messages in Excel VBA – In this example we will see how to Accepting Values from use using InputBox and Popup Messages messages using MsgBox.

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