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It is an interesting feature in excel, we can change background color of Cell, Range in Excel VBA. Specially, while preparing reports or dashboards, we change the backgrounds to make it clean and get the professional look to our projects.



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Change Background Color of Cell Range in Excel VBA – Solution(s):

Delete Worksheet in Excel VBA
We can use Interior.Color OR Interior.ColorIndex properties of a Rage/Cell to change the background colors.

Change Background Color of Cell Range in Excel VBA – Examples

The following examples will show you how to change the background or interior color in Excel using VBA.

Example 1

In this Example below I am changing the Range B3 Background Color using Cell Object

Sub sbRangeFillColorExample1()
'Using Cell Object
Cells(3, 2).Interior.ColorIndex = 5 ' 5 indicates Blue Color
End Sub
Example 2

In this Example below I am changing the Range B3 Background Color using Range Object

Sub sbRangeFillColorExample2()
'Using Range Object
Range("B3").Interior.ColorIndex = 5
End Sub
Example 3

We can also use RGB color format, instead of ColorIndex. See the following example:

Sub sbRangeFillColorExample3()
'Using Cell Object
Cells(3, 2).Interior.Color = RGB(0, 0, 250)
'Using Range Object
Range("B3").Interior.Color = RGB(0, 0, 250)
End Sub
Example 4

The following example will apply all the colorIndex form 1 to 55 in Activesheet.

Sub sbPrintColorIndexColors()
Dim iCntr
For iCntr = 1 To 56
Cells(iCntr, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = iCntr
Cells(iCntr, 1) = iCntr
Next iCntr
End Sub
  1. Open an excel workbook
  2. Press Alt+F11 to open VBA Editor
  3. Insert a new module from Insert menu
  4. Copy the above code and Paste in the code window
  5. Save the file as macro enabled workbook
  6. Press F5 to execute the procedure
  7. You can see the interior colors are changing as per our code

Change Background Color of Cell Range in Excel VBA – Download: Example File

Here is the sample screen-shot of the example file.

Download the file and explore how to change the interior or background colors in Excel using VBA. – ColorIndex

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  1. Harbinder Singh April 13, 2017 at 12:23 PM - Reply

    need help in excel

    In company there are 10000 employee and all having duty in A shift, B shift, C shift. Each shift of 08 hrs

    i have to find those employee who work continuous 10 days or more then 10 days

    please help me to find the solution using VB macro in excel or any other way to find from huge no of data in excel

    Kindly provide me the solution.

  2. RandomOne May 23, 2017 at 5:46 AM - Reply

    Harbinder Singh
    its dependes of your database, can check with a vba code for filter based on the criteria, select the range and then color it,

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