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Some ties we need to change highlight the font to show its importance. We Change Font to Bold or change the background color or font color in Excel VBA, to highlight the text or some numbers. So that reader can easily recognize and look into that.



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Change Font to Bold in Excel VBA – Solution:

Delete Worksheet in Excel VBA
We can change the font to Bold by using Font.Bold Property of a Range/Cell in Excel using VBA.

Change Font to Bold in Excel VBA – Examples:

The following examples will show you how to change the font to bold in Excel using VBA.

'In this Example I am changing the Range B4 Font to Bold
Sub sbChangeFontToBold()
'Using Cell Object
Cells(4, 2).Font.Bold = True
'Using Range Object
Range("B4").Font.Bold = True
End Sub

When we want to highlight some text in the Excel, we alsoe consider changing the Fornt and Background Colors. We use ColorIndex or RGB format of Colors to apply the color for both Font and Background . You can learn more here:

Also find related example to change font Color in Excel using VBA
In this topic we will see how change the font color in Excel VBA. Again, we change the font color in excel while generating the reports. We may want to highlight the font in red if the values are negative, in green if the values are positive. Or we may change font colors and sizes for headings. etc…

You can find multiple examples on changing the font colors in Excel using VBA

Find the related example to change the background color in Excel using VBA:
It is an interesting feature in excel, we can change background color of Cell, Range in Excel VBA. Specially, while preparing reports or dashboards, we change the backgrounds to make it clean and get the professional look to our projects.

You can find multiple examples on changing the Background colors in Excel using VBA.

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