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In this tutorial we will see how to Edit Comment Macros in Excel VBA Code.



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Edit Comment Macros in Excel VBA Code: Editing or Modifying VBA Code

Macro recorder will produce lot more code than required, it store almost every action which you are performing after start recording the macro. We can open the code and delete any statement if it is not required. If you want to see the code, you can open the code window (by pressing Alt+F11) and change the code as per your requirement. If you have little command on VBA, it will be easy to change the code as per your requirement.

Edit Comment Macros in Excel VBA Code: Commenting VBA Code

Comments are the statements which are not executable. We comment the statements if you do not want to execute it or if you want provide some information in the code. It is always a good practice to provide the comments while coding, it will be easier to read and maintain the the code as program size increases. And others also can understand your code easily if you provide some comments in the code. In this topic we will see how to provide the comments.

Comment statements are prefixed with a single quote(‘). See the following example code, comments will highlight in the green in code modules.

Sub sbExampleInputBox()
'Declaring a variable to store the inputbox value
'Dim statement creates a String variable called uName
Dim uName As String
'Accepting the value from the user and (right side statement)
'assigning that value into the variable uName ('=' is an assignment operator)
uName = InputBox("Please Enter Your Name")
'Displaying the value storeed in the variable using Message Box
MsgBox uName
End Sub
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