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We can execute a macro in many different ways, in this topic we will learn Running macro in Excel: From Macro Dialog and By assigning a short-cut key to the Macro



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Running Macro in Excel: Executing or From Macro Dialog

Follow the below steps to assign a macro to a shortcut key:

Step 1: Go to Developer Tab or View Tab
Step 2: Select Macros from the Developer Tab or View Tab

It will open the Macro Dialog.

Step 3: Select a Macro which you want to execute it
Step 4: Click on Run” button

It will execute the selected macro.

Running Macro in Excel

Running Macro in Excel: Executing By Assigning a Shortcut Key to the Macro

Follow the below steps to assign a shortcut key to the macro:

Step 1: Go to Developer Tab or View Tab
Step 2: Select Macros from the Developer Tab or View Tab

It will open the Macro Dialog.

Step 3: Select a Macro which you want to assign a shortcut key
Step 4: Click on “Options…” button

It will show you Macro Options Dialog.

Step 5:Enter an alphabet in the Shortcut key text box

Example if you enter ‘q’, you have press Ctrl+q to execute your macro

Step 6:Then Press OK and Close the Macro Dialog

You are done! you can execute by pressing shortcut key (in this example it is Ctrl+q)

See the below image to understand the above steps:

We have many other options to execute a macro, we will see it in the advanced tutorials.

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