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One of the beauty of the Excel is rich formats, we can format the numbers, fonts, font color, background color, alignments and many more things we can do in Excel. This tutorial will help you to learn Formatting Data and Formatting Cells in Excel.



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We have many tools in Excel to work with Formatting

Home Tab

If you observe the Home Tab, you can see many commands to work with formats.


We can use these commands to format the Fonts Styles like Bold, Underline, Italic, Font size, Background Color, Font Color etc. You can click on the icon at bottom-right corner to see the more Font Settings.


We can align the data in a Cell using these Commands to align Left,right, Center, etc. Also we have another two frequently used Commands like Wrap Text and Merge Commands


We can format the numbers to currency, percentages, decimals and other formats. We will see in more detailed manner in another topic only on number formats.

Right Click: Format Cells Dialog/ Quick Options

You can also right click on the Cell and Select ‘Format Cells…” Command from the properties list to view the Format Cells Dialog.

Useful Shortcut Keys for Formatting Data

You can use the following Shortcut Keys to Quickly Format the Data.

To Format Press this key
Bold the selection Ctrl+b
Italicize the selection Ctrl+I
Underline the selection Ctrl+u
Strike through the selection Ctrl+5
Open the style dialog box alt+’
Open the format cells dialog box Ctrl+1
Apply the general format Ctrl+Shift+~
Apply the currency format Ctrl+Shift+$
Apply the percentage format Ctrl+Shift+%
Apply the date format Ctrl+Shift+#
Apply the time format Ctrl+Shift+
Apply the number format Ctrl+Shift+!
Apply the exponential number format Ctrl+Shift+^
Apply an outline border to the selection Ctrl+Shift+&
Remove an outline border from the selection Ctrl+Shift +_
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