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Microsoft Excel is one of the tools in the Microsoft Office Package; it is used to create spreadsheets. It has many in-built functions and tools to work with data and create different type of reports and dashboards. It also provided the feature to the users to work behind the existing tools and can enhance its capabilities. To implement functionality beyond a regular spreadsheet, Microsoft Visual Basic programming environment is provided with Microsoft Office Excel. This programming language is called as Visual Basic for Application (VBA).



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In This Section:

What is Excel?
As explained above, Microsoft Excel is one of the tools in the Microsoft Office Package. It is a spreadsheet application, it have powerful tools to deal with the data and create different kinds of reports, dashboards, tools.

Why is it used?
Almost every organization uses Excel for thier day to day activities from requirement gathering to deliver and present the output.

  • Preparing the initial project plans and documents.
  • Preparing the different kinds of templates, MOM Template, Quality Checking Template, RCA Template, Process Flow Templates, Project Management Templates, Cost Estimation Templates, etc…
  • Preparing different kind of dashboards, Scorecards to analyse KPIs which includes rich visualized charts, tables and formats
  • Developing the tool to automate the repitative task to increase the quality of the outputs and save the process time.

Creating your first excel workbook:
You can launch the Excel application in different ways and enter the data and then we can save the file in desired location.

To open a new excel workbook:
» Goto Start Menu
» Select All Programs
» Select Microsoft Office
» Select Excel


» Open run dialog
» Type excel and then Enter

It will open a new excel workbook

To save the file:
» Ctrl+S OR Choose Save from the File Menu of the Excel workbook
It opens a file dialog box
» Choose desired location
» Give the desired name
» Click on the Save button to save the file

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Excel VBA Developer having around 8 years of experience in using Excel and VBA for automating the daily tasks, reports generation and dashboards preparation. Valli is sharing to helps us automating daily tasks.

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