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Excel 2013 got completely new look. Microsoft introduced many new features in 2013 version of Excel. Flat application look like Windows 8 and 10 suits, Flash fill, Recommended charts and Quick Format Tools for Charts, Instant Data Analysis, now slicers can be used for filtering the pivot table data. 2013 version of Excel is not MUI (Multi User Interface) and it is SUI (Single User Interface), i.e; One workbook in One Window.



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Limitations of Excel 2013 :

No change in number of Rows and Columns of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Now Excel 2013 is limited to 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns. So, we can enter the data in maximum of 1,048,576 records and We can have maximum of 16,384 Fields in Excel 2013.  And Open workbooks can be Limited by available memory and system resources of the user.

Files Format of Excel 2013 :

From 2013 version of Excel, Microsoft maintained the same file formats of Excel 2007 and 2010. Here are the most commonly use Excel File format.

.xlsx Excel File Format: This is the default Excel File format, when we save the file in 2013 version of Excel. This will save as .xlsx file format. This is the normal spreadsheet to save the data, formulas and not Macros.

.xlsm Excel File Format: This is Excel Macro File format, we need to save the Excel file with Macros in .xlsm format in Excel 2007 and above. The default file format (.xlsx) does not save the Macros.

.xltx Excel File Format: This is Excel Template File format, we can create spreadsheet with all required formats and save it as Excel Template. So that we can use it again when we need the same format of the template.

.xlam Excel File Format: This is Excel add-in File format, we can develop the Excel workbook with most useful macros and save it as Excel Add-in. We can develop Excel Add-in to re-use the macros whenever we need them.

Microsoft Office Online

Excel Online is new interface created from Excel 2013. It will extend your Excel experience to the web browser, now we can open the Excel Workbook online on your web browsers and work with workbooks directly. Excel Online is part of Microsoft Office Online suit.

Important Tools in Excel 2013:

Formulas in 2013 version of Excel: Excel 2013 formulas helps the user to perform calculation in the cells of Excel sheets.

Filtering in 2013 version of Excel: We can filter the data in Excel 2013 using Data Filter tools from Excel Menu.

Pivot Tables in 2013 version of Excel: We can summarize the data in Excel by using Pivot Tables.

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