What is a Project?


What is a Project:

A Project is a process of developing an Application, Process, Structure, Service, Product. A Project can be a completely a new Project or enhancements or changes to the existing Project. The process of developing any Project generally follows the below work flow:



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Key Elements of a Project:

Inputs, Developers, Teams, Team Skills, Tools, Cost, Due Dates are the most important elements of any Project. The type of elements will vary from Damian and industry. For Example, Input for developing an IT Project are different from Inputs required for developing a Real Estate Project. Similarly Team skills required for developing Retails and Healthcare domains are completely different from each other.

Process of Developing a Project:

Developing a Project follows the below Work-flow to Gather the inputs and delivering the Outputs of the Projects.

  • Gathering the Requirements
  • Understanding of Requirements
  • Creating the Project Plan.
  • Assigning the Resource
  • Tools Required for the Project
  • Creating the Mock-up Design
  • Developing the Project
  • Testing the Project
  • Delivering the Project
  • Managing the Project

Gathering the Requirements:

Developing of any Project starts with gathering the requirements or inputs.  For Example, It Project Developers required to understand the Input files, Design, Due Dates, Version Compatibility, Operating System, etc..

Understanding of Requirements:

Once the Inputs are available, Project teams will gather together and try to understand the inputs. Generally the Key resource of the Teams or SMEs go through the inputs and try to understand the requirements. Once they are okay, they communicate with Clients and confirm that the key things which they understood.

Creating the Project Plan :

SMEs will share the requirements with Teams and Team Management to Plan the Projects. Project Planning is the most important tool for any Project Developing Teams or companies. This will help both Developers and Clients to inline and deliver the outputs as per the promised deadlines.

A Project Plan is prepared generally using MS Word document or an Excel Template or PowerPoint Project Charter. Project Plan contains the Project Phases, Project Milestones, Project Tasks, Project Status, Task Status, Progress%, Start Date and End Date. Project Plans can represented effectively using Gantt Charts.

Assigning the Resource:

Resource for the project will be assigned based on their skill set and bandwidth availability. Development Teams and the Client teams also see the Resource Cost and Planned Hours to complete the tasks and decide based on the overall Project Cost.

Tools Required for the Project:

Tools required for developing a project is completely depends on the Project Type and Domain. The tool can be Software, Machines, Fields, etc… . For example, developing a Software Application required Computers, Software like (PHP, MySQL, .NET, MS Office, etc…)

Creating the Mock-up Design:

It is important to show the design or a structure of the Project before start developing the actual project. This will help the clients to understand what the developers understand about the project. This will also help the teams to have the one opinion about the output, so that every one in the same phase.

Developing the Project:

Actual process of the Project Development will starts once the Project Design is signed-off by clients and development team managers. Projects will be developed based on different aprroaches and development models (like Waterfall, V Model, etc…). Project will be developed by phase wise and priority tasks will be completed to meet the deadlines of each Project Milestone.

Testing the Project:

Outputs of the each projects will be developed by the Developers, Programmers, Internal Teams, Client Teams. Special Quality Control Teams will generally look into the Critical Testing of Project Outputs. QC Teams will test each and every object to check their quality and meeting the client specifications. QC Teams will prepare the Quality Check lists and send the Feedback to developers.

Developer will fix the issues (if any) and deliver the outputs to the client teams.

Managing the Project:

Management of the Projects involve ongoing support to the delivered outputs and projects, fixing of issues. Enhancing of the existing project or adding  new functions or deletion of expired modules.

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