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What is Project Resource?

Project Resource is key to execute a process and complete to deliver the outputs. Resource with suitable skills assigned to each task of the Project. And they are responsible to complete the tasks to reach the project milestones.



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Example of Project Resource are: People, Software, Hardware, Material and Tools. Project Resource is required to work on a task to produce the outputs of the Projects. Resource is varied from domain to domain.

This article is mainly focused on Project Resource in IT Sectors. It Teams works to develop the applications and tools using programming skills.

Project Resource by Skills

Resource can be divided by the skill set of the Resource. For Example, Resource with Programming Knowledge, Resource with Testing skills, Resource with Analytical Skill, Resource with Presentation Skills, etc.…

  • Programmers: Resource for coding and developing Applications
  • Testers: Resource to Test the Applications before deliver
  • Analysts: Resource to Analyze the Data

Project Resource by Designation

Designations of the team members are different from person to person. You will find Associates, Team Members, Team Leaders, Project Leader, Project Manager and Vice Presidents. Project Resource in organizations will execute the different levels of the Projects.

  • Associates, Team Members: Resource to Complete the Tasks
  • Team Leaders, Project Leader: Resource to Manage the Tasks
  • Project Manager, Vice Presidents: Resource to Win the New Projects

Resource Bandwidth

Resource Bandwidth is the available time or free time of the resource. Resource bandwidth report will help to understand the mangers to find the free resource. And assign new tasks to the resource with more bandwidth.

Resource Experience

Having Experienced Resource with the required skills for a project is very crucial. An Experienced resource can train the rest of the team to work on the new projects. And they can deliver the outputs.

More salaries are paid to more Experienced Resource. Salary is mainly based on the number of years’ experience in specific tools and software. People with hands on experience in specific project types will get more projects, with the related skills which they are good in.

Special Resource:

Many organizations and Project Teams will have resource with special skills, they are SME, Managers, CRM.

SME are Subject Matter Experts with Deep understanding and Good Experience in specific Subjects. They will help teams to execute and deliver the projects with that Subject. For example, SME in Analytic domain can help the teams to solve the problem with analytical tasks.

Managers lead the teams towards delivering the projects. and they will ensure that is delivered on-time with accurate outputs. They will have special skills to manage and motivate the team members. And they will ask the team members to deliver the task to meet deadlines.

CRM also known as Client Relationship Managers, who are responsible to maintain the good communication relation with the Clients. They will understand and help in solving issues from client side.

Buffer Resource

Big companies are maintaining Buffer Resource and Additional Resource to assign them into upcoming projects. They will get ready with common skill and basic communication skills to allocate to new projects.

Resource Type

Resource can be full-time or part-time. Most companies prefer to recruit full-time employees than the

  • FTE (Full Time Employees): Full-time employees are recruited by companies with the company payroll. These are permanent employees works for the companies.
  • Part-time Resource: Part time Resource will be recruited for a project or a temporary task. They are not full-time employees. Part-time Employees also known as Contract based employees, companies will have them for few months to deliver a project.

New Resource Creation:

Creating new resource is very critical to any organizations. This will involve Resource Recruitment, Train, Project Training, assign to a Teams, Assign to Tasks and Resource Management.

  • Resource Recruitment: You can recruit new resource by conducting interviews, by posting the jobs in the internet job portals
  • Resource Training: You can Provide Basic Communication Skills like Email Writing and Business Training like Behavior and Business Rules and Ethics.
  • Project Training: It is specific to a project. It can be technical training or conceptual training
  • Assign to a Teams, Assign to Tasks: after completion of the above steps. Tasks will be allocated to resource. And reporting mangers must monitor the outputs producing by new associate couple of months.

Resource Management:

Resource management is most tedious task for Project Managers. This involves many factors to effectively manage the resource and teams. For example: Team Activities, Appraisal, Appreciation, Rewards and Recognition, On-site, Bonus, Professional Courses.

Resource Planning and Allocation:

When you have skill resource, it is easy to plan your task and allocate the task to each person in your team. You must see the bandwidth report of a resource before allocating a task to them. Also, you resource must have the required skill-set to complete the tasks.

Skill Development:

Developing the skills of your resource is crucial to execute your project. They need to update with new skills as per the demand and market changes. You can provide the internal training, external training, Professional Certificates, so that they can learn skill required for Project Execution

Project Resource Planning Template

Project Resource Management
Maintaining this Free Resource Planning Tracker helps you to monitor the bandwidth of the team and manage your resource more effectively. A Project Resource Template can very helpful to create your Resource Tracker.

Click to Download Free Project Resource Planning Excel Template

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