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Data Analysis is crucial for any organization to survive in this world.

Categorical or Comparative Data Analysis using Excel VBA

Categorical or Comparative Data Analysis is helpful to study the categorical data to understand and compare the metrics between different categories. For example, we can study effect of particular drug in various countries in health care projects. If we consider retail data, we may study POS (Point of Sales) Data, how is the sales in various regions of the country, or how many units are selling from each store or from each department of the supermarket.

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Trend Analysis or Longitudinal Data Analysis using Excel VBA

Trend or Longitudinal Data Analysis is helpful to study historical data to understand change in data over particular time frame. Learn more with Examples.
In this topic, you can download example macro tool for Trend Analysis, with explanation of the below topics:

  • Understanding requirement
  • Understanding the Data
  • Design and Planning
  • Cleaning the Data
  • Identifying the variables and creating new variables
  • Plotting the Charts and Tables to understand the Data
  • Providing Interactivity using VBA
  • Providing Help or Guidelines to users
  • Understanding Summarized Data
  • Writing Overall Summary and Insights

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Tools For Data Analysis

Different tools available in the market for data analysis, this tutorial we will help you to decide which tool you should learn and suitable for your tasks. Tools for Data Analysis will help you to perform analytics. Our easy to follow step by step learning path will help you in mastering Data Analysis.

In this topic:
  • Different Kinds of the Tools based on the type of request
  • What should I learn? Understanding the Market.
  • Where to begin? Learning Paths:

Data Analysis – An Introduction

Data Analysis is important to every organization to survive in this competitive world. In recent years every one wants make use of data available to understand their business to take effective decisions. I spent around 10 years in analyzing the data. And played different roles to help my clients to take effective decisions. In this topic I am going to discuss the basics of data analysis to give an overall idea about Data Analysis.

In this topic:
  • What is Data Analysis?
  • Why do we need Data Analysis?
  • Approach to do Data Analysis
  • Different kinds of Data Analysis - By Request
  • Different kinds of Data Analysis - By Domain
  • Useful Links for Data Analysis

Introduction to SAS

In this topic I am giving an Introduction to SAS, explaining the basics about SAS in brief. This is for beginners who are just getting started learning SAS. You will find the learning path for Beginners and Advanced Users. Introduction to SAS - What is SAS? SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System or Software, a

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