ComboBox ActiveX Control is used to store and display list of items to a list. ComboBox can be used on the WorkSheet. Please find more details about ActiveX ComboBox Control in the following chapter. You can see how to load items to a Combo Box, how to get the value of combo box items, etc..,



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VBA ActiveX ComboBox Control on the Worksheet: Using ListFillRange Property

Please find more details about VBA ActiveX Combo Box Control and how we are adding it on the Worksheet. We are using ‘ListFillRange’ Property of Combo Box to add or load items to Combo Box.

  1. Go To Developer Tab and then click Insert from the Controls
  2. Click on the Combo Box from the Activex Controls group.
  3. Drag a Combo Box on the Worksheet.
  4. Right click on the Combo Box (Design Mode should be turned ON).
  5. Click on properties from the available list.
  6. On the left side find ‘ListFillRange’ from the available properties of a Combo Box.
  7. On the right side mention the Input Range. Ex: ‘A1:A5’. Please find the below screen shot for the same.
  8. On the Worksheet go to range ‘A1:A5’ enter the input data. Automatically you can see the input data loads into the Combo Box. Please find the below screen shot for the same.
  9. You can link the Combo Box to a Worksheet cell. Right click on Combo Box and select properties.
  10. On the left side find ‘LinkedCell’ from the available properties of a Combo Box .
  11. On the right side mention the linked cell as ‘E3’. Please find the below screen shot for the same.
  12. Now, you can see the selected Combo Box item on the worksheet cell (‘E3’) (Design Mode should be turned OFF).

More Details About the ComboBox Control

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  1. ekacan October 9, 2015 at 1:48 AM - Reply

    I would like to create a VBA procedure that adds an ActiveX combo box in a worksheet, and sets the properties, specifically the ListFillRange, Linkedcell, and Boundcolumn. I would like the placement to be on the row right after the last populated cell on column D.

    I understand that I will create a button that runs a procedure which adds a listbox, but I have not been able to change it’s properties.

    I appreciate the help.

    • sousilva October 27, 2015 at 9:27 PM - Reply

      Try using “object”: (there are other ways, like using Shapes, I use this because I also need the objOLE for other reasons)

      Dim wsRec As Worksheet
      Dim sName As String
      Dim objOLE As OLEObject

      Set wsRec = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(“Recs”)

      wsRec.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:=”Forms.ComboBox.1″, Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False, _
      Left:=180, Top:=18.75, Width:=129, Height:=18.75).Name = sName
      Set objOLE = wsRec.OLEObjects(sName)
      objOLE.Object.BorderStyle = 1
      objOLE.Object.SpecialEffect = 0

      Set objOLE = Nothing

      Set wsRec = Nothing

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