UserForm :We want to show you some real time examples of User form using Excel VBA. These examples will help you to explore how you can use Excel VBA User form is used to automate different tasks or developing applications/ tools using VBA User form.



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We will take you through different Userform controls. We show you how to create user form in Excel using VBA. We will continuously put our efforts to build more projects. We keep on adding more examples using Userform.

Excel VBA Userform Controls Explined with Examples:

  • Label:Label is used to display show text or information.
  • TextBox:It is used to display text on the TextBox.
  • ComboBox:ComboBox Control is used to store and display list of items to a list.
  • ListBox:ListBox ActiveX Control is used to display list of items to a list.
  • CheckBox:CheckBox Control is used to specify or indicate binary choice.
  • OptionButton:Option Button is used to select only one selection from multiple selections within a group.
  • CommandButton:CommandButton is used to run or execute a macro or procedure.
  • Image:Image control embeds a picture such as a jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bitmap, etc.
  • Tutorial & Examples:Know more about UserForm, usage of controls on the userform, examples, etc.,

Excel VBA Userform Projects:


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