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VBA Instr will help us to find a position of a specific character in a string and get the required part from the main sting. Here is the Syntax of the VBA Instr Function. We use Instr function mainly get the sub string from a main string.



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Syntax of VBA Instr Function

We can find the potion of a sub string in the main string using VBA Instr Function. We need to specify position to start find, main sting, sub string.

Below is the Syntax of VBA Instr Function:

InStr([Start], [String1], [String2], [Compare As])

Parameters of VBA Instr Function

Start: Position to Start Finding the Sub String in the Main String.
String1: Main String to Search the Sub String.
String2: Sub Sting to Search in the Main String.

VBA Instr Function – Simple Example

The below Example finds the position of a sub sting (How) in the Main String (Hello! How Are You?).

Sub sbVBAInstrFunction_SimpeExample()
'Syntax; InStr([Start], [String1], [String2], [CompareAs])
strMain = "Hello! How Are You?"
strSub = "How"
MsgBox InStr(1, strMain, strSub)
'Result: 8 (As you can see 'How' starts at position 8 in the Main String)
End Sub

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